Fausto Nazer’s Pictorial Art

Fausto Nazer was born in Venasca (CN), where he still lives nowadays. From an early age, he feels a strong inclination for drawing and figurative arts. He begins his own training course by spontaneously approaching the figurative painting, that makes his own in an excellent way, and then he perfects his technique and his knowledge through the academic studies and the pictorial investigations. In 1993, he celebrates his first exhibition. This great satisfaction is only the first of a long series of exhibitions in Italy and abroad, from London to Rome, from Buenos Aires to Monte Carlo, from Palermo to Saint Petersburg, from Malta to Moscow. Nazer's paintings have won several awards, gathering admirers all over the world. The familiarity of the settings, which often recall the metropolitan atmospheres of the American cities, surrounds those who look at his marvelous paintings with well-known but yet new images. These images are unveiled thanks to Fausto's ability to expose that detail capable of overturning the scene, to the point that what in reality is swallowed up and hidden by the streets and buildings, in his paintings is placed in the foreground. In a first phase, he chooses to emphasize the figure of the woman, portraying her in moments of reflection, between an experienced before and an after still to be lived, sometimes with fear and others with confidence. Then he opens up to the metropolitan reality, making the city become contour and stage of the stories that his eye wants to narrate. His artistic sensibility is amplified and enveloped by an element dear to him, the rain, which is always present in its urban and metropolitan atmospheres. It is as if the fluidity and the shiny drops wanted to frame the scenes and the characters that he impresses on the canvas, highlighting them. He does this with the skill of someone who has made figurative painting a way of expressing sensitivity in feeling, passion in observing and emotion in describing. These give to his paintings a total involvement, telling stories without using words, like referred breaths of life that almost give birth to the desire to deepen them by snooping and asking, wanting to watch what happens after the moment immortalized. His market quotations are published on the Catalog of Modern Art n ° 53-54, Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori where his name is classified with the letter "SC", as an artist towards whose work a particular critical report was expressed by the committee.